Indian Head Massage   

Indian Head Massage has been adopted from Ayurvedic techniques to ease tension and strain in the shoulders, neck, scalp and face. It is highly effective technique for the treatment of stress and stress related conditions.  

Since it can be carried out anywhere and is relatively quick to perform it is becoming a particularly popular therapy in the workplace.

Indian Head Massage can be performed without the need to undress and may be performed with or without oils.

The numerous benefits of Indian head massage include:

   Improved circulation and lymphatic drainage to the head, neck, scalp, face and shoulder area

   A deep sense of relaxation and feeling of total well-being

   Relief from headaches and migraine

  Relaxation of the muscles of the head neck and shoulder area

  Improvement of concentration and memory

  Relief from anxiety and insomnia

   Alleviation of eyestrain

   Healthy skin

   Confidence and improved self-esteem


'Two years ago I started a course of treatments with Anastasia. I was very tense and suffered with insomnia. The very first session (an Indian head massage) left me feeling profoundly calm and free of all tension, and I had the best night`s sleep I`d had for years. Anastasia has a true gift of healing.'

K. Harris, Pembrokeshire