Holistic Therapies and Natural Skincare


On-Site Treatments

Treatments can be conducted on-site at your company premises, at corporate events, workshops and exhibitions.

With work related stress at an all time high massage treatments in your workplace can reduce stress and increase productivity in your staff. It is also a great way to boost morale and reward employee performance.

“Corban Care is a domiciliary care company. Ana comes to our offices on a regular monthly basis; we all look forward to her visits and are much refreshed afterwards. This is part of our employment package. For the staff out in the field we offer Ana’s services at a discount rate at a place and time convenient to them. It is excellent as a staff incentive tool. Thus far, this service has proved to be highly beneficial and popular. For us as a company it works, and is one way we can let our staff know that we care about them, as they care for our clients.” Ann Hawks – Managing Director